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The Closer Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset

The Closer Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset
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The Closer DVD Information

Name:The Closer The Closer Seasons 1-5 dvd box set
Genre:Drama | Crime
No. of Season:Season 1 2 3 4 5
Created by:James Duff,Michael M. Robin,
Greer Shephard
Starring:Kyra Sedgwick,J. K. Simmons,
Corey Reynolds,Robert Gossett,
G. W. Bailey,Tony Denison,
Michael Paul Chan,Raymond Cruz,
Phillip P. Keene,Mary McDonnell,
Jon Tenney,Gina Ravera
Release Date:2005
Format:Support both NTSC & PAL
Weight:1.0 kg
ConditionNew Box Set
Audio:Dolby Digital 5.1 - English

Subtitles - removable

The Closer DVD Plot

At work, L.A. Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson is a woman in charge. Got a suspect to grill, a case to crack, a murderer about to walk? Call Brenda in and watch the fireworks. But at home...well, that’s another story. Kyra Sedgwick headlines a sizzling 4-disc, 15-episode Season 5 of the series that combines heart, humor and homicide into a show that’s equally compelling as a police procedural and a personal drama. As a cop, Brenda takes on everything from a corpse that comes COD to a serial killer to Sharon Raydor, an internal affairs officer as tough as she is. As a civilian, Brenda loses one family member and gains another: her surly niece Charlie. Brenda can outsmart, outmaneuver and out a killer. But can she handle a teenager?

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The Closer Seasons 1-5 dvd The Closer Seasons 1-5 box set

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By: Phoen********
First of all I purchased Seasons 1-5. Personally I love this show. Since I got it I have watched it twice! and when it is on tv I watch it also. The characters work so well together. and how the progressed from disliking Brenda to working with her and standing behind her is such a great story line. I will hate when it ends. Like all good things eventually will end. but thank goodness for DVD's and reruns!!!


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