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Get Smart [Blu-Ray]
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Get Smart DVD Description
Genre:  Blu-RayGet Smart blu-ray
Directed by: Peter Segal
Starring: Steve Carell
Anne Hathaway
Dwayne Johnson
Alan Arkin
Terence Stamp
James Caan
Ken Davitian
Release Date: February 13, 2004
Weight: 0.6kg
Language: Engish with removable subtitles

Get Smart DVD Plot

Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell), an analyst for the Washington, D.C.-based top secret American intelligence agency CONTROL yearns to become a field agent like his friend Agent 23 (Dwayne Johnson) whom he idolizes. Despite scoring extremely well in the acceptance tests, Max is denied the promotion as the Chief (Alan Arkin) of CONTROL feels that Max’s analytical skills are best used for his present assignment. This changes when CONTROL headquarters is attacked by its arch-enemy, the terrorist organization KAOS, which is led by a man named Siegfried, in retaliation for CONTROL's infiltration of KAOS...

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