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Freddy vs. Jason [Blu-Ray]

Freddy vs. Jason [Blu-Ray]
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Freddy vs. Jason Description
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Directed by: Ronny Yu
Starring:Tom Butler, Gary Chalk, Jason Ritter, Paula Shaw, Kenneth Tsang
Release Date: August 15, 2003
Weight: 0.4 kg
Language: English with removable subtitles

Freddy vs. Jason Plot

Freddy Krueger is trapped in Hell, and enraged as the parents of Springwood have emerged from their psychosis  and figured how to keep the children from remembering him, rendering him powerless and unable to escape. Determined to make them remember and fear him, Freddy locates Jason Voorhees in Hell and disguises himself as Jason's mother, who is the only person Jason will listen to, convincing him to rise again and go to Springwood to slaughter the teens; though Jason will kill the teenagers, Freddy will be blamed, and thus be able to escape from Hell. Jason arrives on Elm Street, sneaking into the house where Nancy Thompson and Jesse Walsh used to live, now owned by Lori Campbell  and her widowed father. While Lori, her friends Kia, Gibb, Blake and Trey, are in the house, Trey is brutally murdered by Jason using his machete  and Trey's body is bent in half. The group is taken in for questioning. After overhearing several police officers accidentally discussing Freddy, Lori falls asleep and has a dream about Freddy, allowing him to gain some of his powers back. Freddy then tries to attack Blake. However, he is unable to harm him, so he decides to rest for now and "let Jason have some fun." Blake then awakens to find his father beheaded, sitting next to him, and is, a moment later, killed by Jason. In order to avert suspicion from Freddy, the police claim that Blake killed Trey, his father and then took his own life.

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