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Boston Legal Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset

Boston Legal Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset
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Boston Legal DVD Information

Name: Boston Legal Boston Legal Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset
Genre: Comedy| Crime| Drama
No. of Season: Season 1 2 3 4 5
Discs: 31
Created by: J.J. Abrams


William Shatner,Julie Bowen,Mark Valley, Rene Auberjonois,Candice Bergen, James Spader,Christian Clemenson,
Release Date: 3 October 2004
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Weight: 1.4 kg
Condition New Box Set
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
  Subtitles - removable


Boston Legal DVD Plot

Ethically-challenged attorney Alan Shore, formerly of Young, Berluti, & Frutt, settles in at a wealthy and powerful firm focusing on civil cases. With some help from his friend and mentor, veteran attorney Denny Crane, Shore quickly makes his mark winning cases no one would take, often using less than honest methods. In doing so, he develops a rival in his colleague Brad Chase, who has been assigned to the office partly to keep an eye on the increasingly eccentric (and possibly senile) Denny Crane. Though his questionable conduct might make him a few enemies along the way, Alan's not one to be underestimated, nor will he let trivial things like honesty or integrity get in the way of winning a case...

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Boston Legal Seasons 1-5 DVD Boston Legal Seasons 1-5 Boxset


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New Reviews
By: Terry**
I baught the boston legal dvd set for my husband as a birthday gift,he is a big fan of the show,hope he will like this gift.


By: Kitty***
I was so sad to see Boston Legal end its series. However, I am very grateful to be able to own this whole set. This is the only TV series that I own or desire to own. The writing was well done. The topics were thought provoking. And it kept up with current events. In some ways this reflects the history of issues in our country during the period in which it was filmed.


By: atles********
An excellent series, loaded with humor, quick wit, eccentric charaters, great plots, etc etc. Low cost complete collection. Disk quality excellent except a minor drop out on one disk.


Thanks for your purchase and feedback. Look forward to be at your service again. Regards,

By: lawye*
What's so great about this show... where to begin. The acting, the scripts, the chemistry... I could go on and on. The best part about 'Boston Legal' is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. The quality of this DVD is pretty nice


look forward to be at your service again

William Shatner, who acted in Boston Legal alongside Mentell, paid tribute to Mentell. "I'm deeply saddened. There's no telling how far up the ladder he might have climbed." wrote William Sh...
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