Ugly Betty of fashion forever 2010/5/3 10:02:31

With the end of the fourth quarter of the 20th set of "Ugly Betty" has run its full course. Although four years is a long time, but it can be considered for the American TV drama of a Ming Bao. Although eventually the entire series put a perfect end, but for people who love the show or be a bit of regret.

Hugged, goodbye. The scenes were always showing people sad tears. Remember first joined the mode of Betty Suarez and fashion do not touch almost, thick eyebrows, big nose, braces, glasses, cape, fashion together is simply a disaster. Daniel can converge to make the nature of romantic, Daniel's father to find this "ugly" as his assistant. Betty is also the opportunity to flex its muscles, fighting their own life. Today, Betty is not that long ago was ignorant girl. She knows how to choose clothes, shoes and know how to mix bag, grasp the quarterly trends, she converted to a true fashion icon. In four years, Betty is constantly changing, bit by bit into a beautiful butterfly. The name of the whole drama with Betty in the name, in fact, motivated by the efforts of the girls clues whole series of developments. The play of the role each person has become a classic.

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