Merlin series 4 episode 11 review: The Hunter's Heart 2011/12/14 21:21:12

Arthur announces that the kingdoms of Camelot and a disputed neighbouring kingdom have reached an accord and that, as part of the deal, he's going to get married to the princess of said kingdom. Merlin 1-3 dvd box isn't happy and makes his feelings quite clear, though Arthur has banned all mention of Gwen, threatening to exile Merlin if he repeats his belief that Arthur still loves Gwen.

Agravaine is being his usual sly self, threatening young men this week. Sadly, this results in Agravaine murdering a young man before riding off to see Morgana. She's not particularly happy that Agravaine has failed her once more. All she wanted were the plans to the siege tunnels and he can't even deliver those. It's up to him, Morgana decides, to get the plans.

With Gwen in the hands of the warlord Helios, she discovers that the man is a rather charming individual, despite his strong-armed tactics. Things seem to be going well for Helios and Gwen, until Gwen hears mention of Morgana's name and goes to her room. Helios and Morgana are old friends, it seems, and, after discussing their plans to lay siege to Camelot, Helios extends an offer for Morgana to stay.

Finally, the Princess Mithian arrives and she's not too pleasant and happens to be an ogre... oh, sorry, that's Merlin series two. She's actually quite, quite pretty... and an ogre. Nope, still not an ogre. She's actually really quite lovely and witty. Arthur is instantly smitten, as is Mithian, and he announces there's going to be a feast in honour of the newly established peace between kingdoms.

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