Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Review 2012/3/27 0:49:24

Is a two-hour premiere enough to forgive almost a year and a half without new episodes of ‘Mad Men’? Read our review of the season 5 premiere to find out.

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How big is the return of Mad Men? Well, after a 17-month hiatus, the proverbial red carpet has been rolled out for the two-hour season premiere. There has been non-stop media coverage of the arrival of Don Draper  and the rest of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Everyone is seemingly in on the game, trying to pick off a piece of AMC’s flagship program and let the world know how aware they are of a program so innately self-aware.

Creator Matthew Weiner has offered almost nothing beyond an enigmatic image of Don Draper staring through a storefront window at a pair of mannequins, so it’s ironic that a show telling the story of ad men is effectively utilizing the media’s interest in the secrecy of season 5 to sell the premiere.

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