How I Met Your Mother Will End on Season 9 2013/6/6 17:09:56

Do you know How I Met Your Mother will end on the 9th season?

When CBS announced that How I Met Your Mother would return for a ninth and final season next year, the network took the unusual extra step of proclaiming that the show's heretofore unseen "mother" would be also finally be revealed.

Craig Thomas, the co-creator of the show HIMYM, says he wasn't consulted on that part of the release admits he was surprised that CBS felt the need to spell it out. "The plan has always been to meet this girl at some point," he says. "I think we would be forbidden from show business if we ended the series without meeting the mother, and rightfully so. He said that they may want to make it clear that the audience knows they're not going to be jerked around or short changed in any way."
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